TechMUN 2021 Crisis Committees

The 100 Years War

In the past, four separate nations coexisted peacefully relying upon trade, skill specialization, and transparency in order to solve any problems that seemed to arise. These separate nations were named after the elements that their nation was most adept at using and maneuvering. These nations of Fire, Air, Water, and Earth also possessed individuals of two types: those who could “bend” the nation’s element and those who could not. In a perfect world, these groups of people would be able to live in harmony relying on the strengths of one group to fill in for the weaknesses in another. However, as has been observed in history, groups of people with special abilities or larger numbers always attempt to establish dominance over minorities in a tyrannical fashion. Following this trend, each nation mentioned has established hierarchies of power distribution. Again as seen in history, the common problems of corruption, treason, wars, genocides, etc. arose not only within these nations but between them as well. In order to curtail these larger global issues, a separate entity known as the avatar existed. This avatar not only provided power balance to these nations in the material world but also acted as a bridge to the spiritual world in order to maintain peace between the two worlds as well. The avatar was so vital to harmony that their air bending training period of 12 years was enough to have tensions between nations boil over and culminate in the genocide of the air nation by the fire nation in 0 AG. However, the Avatar escaped and has not been sighted for over 5 years. The routing of the air nation was not enough for the fire nation and they embarked on a journey for world dominance. With the disappearance of the avatar, the only real obstacle that stood in their way was the Earth Kingdom.

United Nations Security Council

This is an Ad-Hoc committee based on the actions taken in the General Assembly.