TechMUN 2021 Secretariat

TechMUN 2021 Secretariat

Richard Still: Secretary General

Richard is a fourth year majoring in Mechanical Engineering and minoring in French, and has been involved with Model United Nations for eight years. He is currently serving as the Secretary-General of the TechMUN 2021 collegiate conference. Outside of Model UN, Richard serves on Student Government Association’s Government Relations Committee and is a member of Tau Beta Sigma. Having competed at NMUN and SRMUN conferences in college, Richard looks forward to ensuring an exceptional TechMUN experience. To reach Richard about the conference, please email

James Johnson: USG Administration and Policy

James is a fourth year Computer Science student. He has been involved in Model United Nations for 5 years and is looking to make the best of his last year. He is currently the USG of Administration and Policy for TechMUN 2021 and is looking to ensure that is runs smoothly and that everyone has fun. In his free time, James likes to play board games, eat spicy food, watch movies, and do even more programming. James looks forward to having an excellent TechMUN and meeting everyone at the conference.

Shumraze Fawad: USG of General Assembly

Shumraze is a second-year student from Dubai, United Arab Emirates majoring in Industrial and Systems Engineering. He is an avid rower, a committed debater and enthusiast of global politics and an aficionado of South Asian and pan-Asian food! Shumraze has lived in three countries and speaks four languages fluently, so activities such as Model UN has given him a better perspective on how the world functions and is governed.

Ram Akella: USG Crisis

Ram is a fourth year pre-health student majoring in Biomedical Engineering, minoring in Material Science and Engineering, and has been involved with Model United Nations for nine years. He is currently serving as Head Delegate of the GTMUN program and the Under Secretary-General of Crisis in the TechMUN 2021 collegiate conference. Outside of Model UN, Ram researches in the Georgia Tech BME department on inflammatory diseases, teaches, and paints. Ram looks forward to meeting you all and working towards making TechMUN crises super fun!

Garritt Garcia: Assistant USG of Crisis

Garritt is a second year Computer Science major and International Affairs minor. He is the current Assistant Under Secrety-General of Crisis for the TechMUN 2021 collegiate conference. Other than Model UN, Garritt is involved in the Residence Hall Association as Chief Justice. Having done primarily crisis committees for the last six years, Garritt is working to help the Under Secretary-General of Crisis create engaging committees.

Zach Connolly: Delegate at Large

Zach is a recent graduate of Georgia Tech with degrees in both Industrial Engineering and International Affairs. Prior to graduation, Zach was in Model UN for 10 years, including 5.5 years in college. During college, Zach served a number of roles within Model UN, including 2018 Secretary General of the TechMUN Collegiate Conference. With a few months off before starting work full time in New York City, Zach is excited to assist this new virtual experience be the best that it can be.