GTMUN 2022 HS Registration

Registration Timeline

April 1, 2022: Early Registration Begins | Register Here!
Week of May 16, 2022: Background Guides Released

August 1, 2022: Regular Registration Begins
September 23, 2022: Registration Closes

September 30, 2022: School Fees Due
September 30, 2022: Position Papers Due
October 14, 2022: Student Waivers Due

October 17-18, 2022: GTMUN High School Conference!

Country Assignments

Country assignments are done on a first-come, first-served basis. When possible, allied delegations will not be assigned to the same school, and there will only be one Security Council state assigned per school.

Schools may register for more than four delegations, but only up to four delegations will be assigned per month.