TechMUN Collegiate Conference

What is TechMUN?

TechMUN is the GTMUN Program’s Collegiate Conference. It is named not only for our school, but also for its nature as a technology-friendly conference! It is hosted in the Spring semester, usually before March, in the Clough Undergraduate Learning Commons at the center of Georgia Tech’s beautiful campus.

TechMUN 2023: Coming Soon to Atlanta, GA

Letter from the Secretary-General: 

Dear Esteemed Delegates and Faculty Advisors,

On behalf of the TechMUN Secretariat, Staff and GTMUN program, we thank you for attending TechMUN and making it a fantastic conference! We are incredibly proud for the work our delegates put forth into their committees. 

Please look out for updates regarding TechMUN 2023 as they come out. We look forward to seeing you there!

Best regards, 

Katherine Book

Secretary-General of TechMUN 2023